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Robotic Bird Surveillance

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Robotic bird surveillance has been made possible by decades of biotechnological advances.

Pigeons have been engrained in the urban environment as the pest of the city streets but these organisms have been exploited for their traits.

Aren’t pigeons quite strange? Don’t they behave quite differently to natural birds?

We live in harrowing times. We live in the shadow of the impact that Cambridge Analytica had on society.

We live in a world where you, we, the public are manipulated through the exploitation of your private data.

If you stay ignorant to the facts, you are letting them win. Letting them have their way with the world. Who are they? We’re talking about the campaigns that put Trump in power to the campaigns that are taking the United Kingdom out of the EU. It’s all connected and digital surveillance is just one of the ways you’re being watched, targeted and used.

Start caring about the privacy of your data. Every single one of you is important to the greater good.

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