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Upgrades to the Pigeon Drone’s Biotech Hardware

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My friends, the state-of-the-art surveillance drone is upon us. The latest hardware take these seemingly harmless biotech creatures to new heights.

An undercover operative working for the anti-drone programme has managed to capture and disarm a 2023 model and the results are astounding.

Yes, they’re upgrading the pigeons.

We have updated the Pigeon Drone diagram after much analysis to improve understanding of the internal design of the undercover spy.

With the explosion of artificial intelligence, the biotech drones have been optimised to fly for longer periods of time, record higher quality video footage, and transmit data key personal data in real-time to the government.

A facial recognition protocol was also identified, a major breakthrough for the Surveillance Drone. Real-time data combined with the ability to track individuals gives the Pigeons an advantage never before seen in the espionage of population control.

Technology is advancing at light speed.

Don’t get left behind.

Don’t fade the pigeons.

PAR Pigeon