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Pigeon Pandemic

by | Latest News

This will be controversial in the anti-drone community but surveillance pigeons have come into their own.

As everyone on the planet scrambles for a face mask and prays to their anti-bacs, our little feathered friends have another priority.
Reported UK infections of Covid-19 hit 596 today, on March 12th as the government takes us into a new phase of tackling the virus. This phase aims to delay the inevitable widespread infection by isolating the effected.

We have already seen how thermal imaging can be used in surveillance and our heat signatures are now more important than ever, in slowing down this pandemic, and saving lives.
One of the first symptoms of Covid-19 is fever. Your temperature rises to 38.0 C and you glow up in thermal imaging like a bat in a soup. Those identified must be contained. It really is a matter of life and death for a growing number of people around the world.

Public surveillance can be used for good. Maybe this will be a lesson to us all.
Stay safe out there.

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