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WiFi Pigeon Drone

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Rumours have been flying around of what happened to the pigeons in quarantine. Were they recalled? New models being released? Firmware upgrades?

Well now we know…. and the rumours were true.

The brand new 2020 pigeon drones will have internal Wifi receivers, designed to intercept data on your network.

This means that pigeons will have access to all the sensitive data flowing through your private network. Once they are in range of your WiFi signal (chimney or windowsill), they locate your SSID and automatically bypass your password with government access codes. This gives the drone access to all information flowing between your devices, as well as any files you might store on the network itself. The pigeon spies have gone digital, and government surveillance is now a greater threat than ever.

BUT FEAR NOT for we have a solution.
Pigeons Aren’t Real has partnered with NordVPN to bring you complete digital security. NordVPN masks your IP meaning the spy drones cannot address your location, or identify who you are. The VPN will hide all internet and network activity from the drones, and anyone else that might be snooping. Stay safe out there.

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